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UPDATE: The GAIN-I version 5.7 (DSM-5/ICD-10) has been released and can now be available to you! This version included updates to be compliant with DSM-5. In order for you to phase in your use of the new version of the GAIN-I, for the foreseeable future you will be allowed to select either the GAIN-I 5.6 (DSM-IV) or GAIN-I 5.7 (DSM-5) in GAIN ABS. To learn more about the GAIN-I 5.7 please click here. To learn more about how to gain access to the new GAIN-I 5.7, please click here, or contact GAINinfo@chestnut.org. IF YOU WOULD LIKE GAIN-I 5.7 ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT, PLEASE HAVE YOUR ABS CONTACT PERSON EMAIL GAINinfo@chestnut.org

If you need help accessing the system please
call ABS Support @ 309-451-7777.
Unfortunately we cannot email passwords due to security policies.